TRANSFORM an ordinary day at work into an
EXTRAORDINARY day at work!™

VSC understands that every leader has a unique set of skills, talents, and attitudes that, if leveraged properly, can be utilized to align their leadership style and skills with business priorities—creating a more engaged and productive workforce. VSC is best known for cultivating the strengths, talents and attributes of current and future leaders from executive level to line level, which is important for business success and growth. Our Solutions Maximizing Brilliance (SMB) School of Leadership is our core business service to assist organizations with making their mission possible.

At VSC we teach leaders how to extend beyond the traditional approach to leadership and provide tools towards helping them lead with impact, influence, and transparency through the following services:

●New Leader Assimilation
●Management Orientation
●Customized  KPIs by position level
●Leadership/Management Coaching
●Behavioral Assessments
●Executive Leadership Retreats
●Leadership Train The Trainer
●Management Development
●New Supervisor Training
●Sexual Harassment Prevention
●Performance Management Training

VSC will partner with your organization to build a more sustainable leadership culture that both promotes accountability, and fosters collaboration and innovation to consistently deliver a great service experience with the best quality outcomes over time.


Ready to transform your employees into more
focused, self-motivated, and mission-ready results driven partners!

VSC can help.
We understand that a leader is only as strong as his or her organization and the backbone of any organization is its people. VSC also understands that no matter what industry you are in, success depends on developing and engaging your team’s creative abilities while managing the talent and potential of the entire workforce. Working together, we can create a business model for talent development, a great place for employees to work, and develop your human capital with the same level of diligence and rigor as tangible capital. We incorporate best practices and corporate training solutions designed to promote effective teamwork while producing better communication, engagement, productivity, and effectiveness within the organization.  

BUILD an all-inclusive culture of mutual respect
Observe for innovative, out-of-the-box thinking
OPEN doors to observe, analyze, and become innovative, out-of-the-box thinkers
STRENGTHEN leadership and team excellence and empowerment
TEACH business acumen at every level so that leaders and their teams can thrive

Our signature BOOST CAMP® provides on- and off-site training solutions designed to improve employee skills and retention at all levels and engagement, service quality, and business outcomes. BOOST, as outlined below is our mobilizing language for growth, incorporating the CAMP as the site or organization where the transformation takes shape.  

●New Employee Assimilation
●Performance Management
●Online Customized Courses
●Team Building Training
●Diversity and Inclusion
●Managing Conflict
●Professional Development
● Acculturation Integration Strategies
● Standard Operating Procedures
●Job Specification/All Levels 
●DISC/MBTI Behavior Assessment

VSC offers training programs geared toward aligning employees with vision and execution strategies, enhancing interpersonal and team communication skills, and prompting inclusion of diverse cultures.


VSC will help your organization reach even HIGHER
and SOAR amid triumphs and challenges!

There comes a time in every organization’s life cycle, where strategic planning becomes an absolute necessity, especially when areas of your company (Leadership effectiveness, HR, operations, etc.) call for specific improvements. Through implemented strategic planning, VSC can work with you to develop customized solutions to maximize results that greatly impact your people, processes, and overall performance. We work directly with organizational leaders, individual departments, and HR or talent management teams who are looking to have a strategic impact on workplace performance.

Our consulting team can provide your organization with in-depth analysis, training, tools, and resources needed to promote a strong organizational culture through the following services:

●Strategic Planning Retreats
●Training Needs Assessment
●Climate Surveys/SWOT Analysis
●Coordinate Enterprise Training
●Lead-it Yourself Training Solutions
●Lead Improvement Initiatives
●Workflow Project Management
●Systematize operational functions
●Interim Management Services
●Business Coaching/Mentoring

We are dedicated to expanding the knowledge and effectiveness of leaders and employees within work environments, such as yours to accomplish additional success in organizational engagement, performance, and growth.