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Imagine walking into work and seeing that everything has transitioned from paper to
computers, how will you be able to adapt? Krista walks into her office and sees there
are more computers and laptops than usual. She has been with this company for 10
years and the only form of communication has been through print on paper. Perplexed,
she walks into a co-worker’s office to ask why are there so many computers in the office
today. Her co-worker responds and says that the company has transitioned from paper
to computer. Krista is shocked at this knowing that she is not very tech savvy. Her co-
worker informed her that the company plans on giving a training seminar for those who
would like to become familiar with the technology.

In this example, the business took into account that there would be a skills gap when
they transitioned from paper to total technology. To close the skills gap, they decided to
have seminars for the workers who were not up to speed with the new technology. The
result of this change and the training that will be provided for the workers is that now the
company will have the form of communication that fits best while also closing the skills
gap of employees.

Let’s talk about the key aspects of this scenario:

What is Skills Gap?
The Skills Gap is the growing challenge that makes it difficult for individuals to find jobs,
difficult for employers to find appropriately trained workers and difficult for current
workers to adapt to changes in processes. Furthermore, skills gap is the disconnect
between the skills that are needed for a specific job and the skills that are possessed by
a particular individual for the job. What skills do you possess, are they conducive for the
job/career you desire or the position that you currently hold? This question leads to
understanding self-awareness. This is important regardless of your role; employer, team
leader or worker.

What is self-awareness?
Self-awareness is how clearly we see our own values, passions, aspirations, fit with our
environment, reactions including thoughts, feelings, behaviors, strengths, and
weaknesses. It is important because when we have a better understanding of ourselves,
we are able to experience ourselves as unique and separate individuals. We are then
empowered to make changes and to build on our areas of strength as well as identify
areas where we would like to make improvements. We then begin to realize how we
can excel and which if our qualities need more work and then align those realizations to
the company’s mission. This is the first step to closing the gap. Enlightenment of one’spersonal goals is the stepping stone to personal development and is the best way to
develop the skills you need for any career.

What is personal leadership development?
Personal leadership is the ability to develop and utilize your positive leadership traits to
guide the direction of your life instead of letting time and chance determine your course.
While personal leadership develops from the inside out, its effects are felt not only by
you and your family, but also by others in your community and workplace.
Personal Development on the other hand is a way people can develop their talents,
improve their awareness about themselves, and provide insights about their goals and
desires of the future to then realize and maximize potential. This is first and foremost
important to the four aspects of self.

The four aspects of self.
The Four Aspects of Self are, spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental.
• Spiritual is the inner essence of one’s self, this is the connection that you make
to a spiritual entity that is not conducive to the natural world. Maintaining your
spirit goes beyond space and time, this is the correlation that will help you
understand your purpose for existing in this world.
• Physical has to do with your physical body and focusing on one’s health. This is
the aspect that helps us to survive and thrive in the natural world.
• Emotional deals with daily interactions with one another and developing your
social skills in your personal life and work life. Developing the aspect of
emotional-self helps us to experience the facets of life using all five of our
• Mental is the intellectual aspect of self that retains all of a person’s thinking and
reasoning skills. A person’s beliefs, values and attitudes reside in this area of

These four aspects are equally important and demand for us to have a balance of them
all in order to be a functional human being. All four need to be nurtured and developed
as you continue this journey called life.
In conclusion, discover new disconnects in the workplace by asking: “What are the gaps
in my skills?” You can create a new sense of self and uncover new insights when the
gaps have been filled. If these gaps are never filled it can cause your one’s self or a
company to remain stagnant and can ultimately lead to inefficiencies in performance
and lake of personal and professional growth. Skills gaps should be recognized
immediately, addressed and corrected. Get back in the driver seat of your career

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