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Solutions Maximizing Brilliance School of Leadership.
A traveling institution that offers the most effective performance-enhancing curriculums, tools and training essentials used in expanding the knowledge and efficiency of individuals from executive-level to front line-level. Our aim is to BOOST the connection of leadership, talent and organizational development with business values, efficiency and growth, worldwide.

The Stakes Have Risen Higher...

Leaders of today are facing unique challenges, as well as fertile new opportunities for growth. The Leadership Intelligence MBA in Results Certification Program® is where extraordinary leaders convene, learn and grow. At the SMB School of Leadership, we empower the most promising leaders and managers through a transformational experience. This program brings together members of executive committees, heads of business units and functional areas, as well as leaders of governmental agencies and nonprofit organizations who may be:

• Leaders looking to refresh their skills
• Managers/Directors who plan to expand their roles
• Business owners who want to build leadership success strategies into their organizations of any size
• HR practitioners seeking to accomplish more in your organization by utilizing new ideas, tools and best practices

The Leadership Intelligence MBA Focus Method, pioneered by VisionSpot Consulting Group, LLC, is one of the signature doctrines used in the SMB School of Leadership. This method is a valuable qualitative tool for expanding leadership potential and building better alliances with organizational leadership. This process demonstrates performance results through the growth of human potential.

The Program Includes:
• 3 consecutive days of leadership training
• Leadership certificate of completion
• Goal-focused leadership action plans
• Personal leadership planning portfolio
• 30 PDC from Society of Human Resource Management
• Guidance on growing your leadership and organizational capabilities
• Shared best-practices from peer-to-peer interactions
• One hour of post training one-on-one leadership coaching
• Practical methods, tools and resources for immediate implementation in the workplace

Leadership Intelligence MBA in Results Certification Program®

For Senior leadership, Experienced Managers and HR leaders

This course offers a compass for navigating organizational and leadership success, now and for the future. We help leaders make better decisions about managing business, people, and productivity results for their organization. Participants learn howto nurture a powerful idea into a decisive action plan, while owning the tools to think and manage more effectively in a changing business world.

You will Learn:

• How to attract and retain skilled staff
• Skills for communicating with transparency
• Methods for aligning people with business priorities
• How to align vision and passion with purpose and implementation
• Solutions to maximize your brilliance in becoming a more effective leader
• How to develop the leadership and business skills needed to excel in any industry
• How to create an action plan to effectively measure and monitor results and celebrate wins

Program Curriculum

The Leadership Intelligence MBA in Results Certification Program®: This certificate program will consist of three (3) consecutive business days of training to arm leaders with the proper skills needed to activate leadership capability and accelerate leadership development. The course is designed to help learners transform their approach in performing as leaders, so as to solidify their experience and overall influence of the course. Leaders will learn how to sharpen their sphere of influence to foster a culture of engagement, collaboration and service excellence to produce lasting results. In addition, leaders will gain an understanding of the complexity and depth of different leadership styles and their most dynamic aspects.

This course differs from other programs that focus solely on business affairs or developing group skills, and is based on leadership practices that use a holistic approach toward leading from the inside, out. Activities are included to help leaders understand and recognize how leadership methods affect change and relationships through self-awareness and emotional management.

Day 1

Introduction- Participate in unique peer introductions and icebreakers through a variety of leadership activities, practices, examples and self-assessments

Launch your personal brand of leadership and emotional intellect for becoming a beyond the basics leader and trusted advisor
Day 2

Learn how  to enhance results through effective and authentic communication, work relationships and inclusion strategies

Learn how to develop an effective talent management system that drives high performance
Day 3

Learn how to align leadership and team agility outcomes with service loyalty to create an environment of maximum productivity with performance and results

Capstone- Illustrate your working knowledge of the varying aspects required to Master Brilliant Achievement in Results.

What Other Leaders are Saying

VisionSpot Consulting Group, LLC’s Leadership Training made a big difference- I see it, inevitably your name comes up in conversation as having transformed people into a position where they felt compelled to address their leadership challenges head-on and were also able to celebrate wins along the way. Well Done!
-Gregory C Scott, CEO
Weingart Center Association

“Outstanding! My VSC leadership coach has helped me develop a very clear plan to improve productivity and refocus my energy towards personal and team collaboration. Also I have a new perspective on how to approach challenges. Thank you!”
–Nichelle Norris, Human Resources Administrator

As a result of this program, learners will walk away with a clear perspective and personalized leadership portfolio on how to enhance personal performance as a leader to build on skills congruent with their organization’s standards of excellence in service, leadership and team results.

Participants will explore each of the following topics in depth, acquiring the strategic skills and perspectives needed to become a more effective leader poised to succeed far beyond the basics:

• Developing a holistic leadership plan to maximize business impact.
• Participating in a collaborative leadership development experience.
• Connecting leadership and team capabilities to business goals and objectives.
• Aligning actionable leadership intelligence and team skills with business priorities and results.
• Unleashing leadership potential for every level within the organization, not just for those who have a leadership title.

Program Tuition— $995.00
per person to include:

Early Bird discounts $895.00 per person

for payments received in advance. A $200.00 discount on the regular price is available for groups of three or more.

Payment options are available upon request.

Date and Time: TBA - FALL 2020, 8:00AM-Noon
Location: Hampton Inn & Suites |1028 West Interstate 65 Service Rd S | Mobile, AL 36609

The SMB School of Leadership
delivers training programs congruent with your organization’s standards of excellence in service, leadership and team results. We differ from other programs that focus solely on business issues or developing individual skills. As a result of our training, leaders and their teams walk away with a clear perspective on how to take their personal performance, team and organization to a higher level.

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