VisionSpot Consulting Group, LLC, founded in 1998 on a “Mission Possible” philosophy is not a traditional Leadership and Management Consulting firm. We are the home of the Solutions Maximizing Brilliance (SMB) School of Leadership and BOOST CAMPs®. As a traveling institution that offers the most effective performance enhancement curriculums, tools and training essentials, we enhance leadership and team productivity outcomes in organizations worldwide.



BOOST CAMP® - BOOST is our mobilizing language for growth, the CAMP is the site or organization where your transformation takes shape!



VSC can help transform your employees into more focused, self-motivated, and mission-ready results driven partners!



VSC will help your organization reach even HIGHER and SOAR amid triumphs and challenges!

The firm comprises three business segments that are aligned with our three Ps to drive and manage performance and GROWTH:







VSC is effective in expanding the knowledge and efficiency of individuals from executive-level to frontline-level. This process generates new growth platforms and accomplishes successful organizational change and performance within workplaces similar to yours, even if your organization is already thriving. Our tailor-made client solutions and learning infrastructures contribute favorably to any organization’s culture and business needs, regardless of what industry or market you may be in.

With over 20 years of experience, we synthesize our deep leadership, HR, training, process improvement and project management experiences. In utilizing this blend, we illuminate the connection between leadership development, corporate education and organizational development with business values, efficiency and growth.


Transform an ordinary day at work into an EXTRAORDINARY day at work.


Transform the way leaders, individuals and businesses function to boost engagement and productivity results in organizations worldwide. 

About our team

The VSC team is both intelligent and professional, posessing impressive real-world and firsthand experiences and credentials in business-related fields. We are also enthusiastic, positive, and well qualified to recommend steps and processes that will assist your organization in achieving its stated goals.
We have developed thousands of leaders across the globe by providing comprehensive and up-to-date leadership practices designed to fit organizations of various sizes and types. Our paradigms operate across a variety of industries, economic sectors, and complexities—and we would be delighted to work with you.

         JOIN OUR TEAM

VSC’s group of dedicated, enthusiastic and professional consultants are intelligent and carry the experience and credentials to prove their expertise. We are serious about delivering results, and tailor our work so that we remain leaders in workplace innovation. Our commitment to earning our client’s respect and confidence has enabled us to recruit respected professionals, partners, and client organizations. As a result, our customized leadership, people and process improvement strategies, coaching and consulting services and signature BOOST CAMPS® have become our trademark for success. We are always looking for talented and experienced individuals who share our same values and philosophy as us to join our team. If you're experienced in:

●Human Resources
●Strategic Planning
●Project Management
●Change Management
●Process Improvement
●Training and Facilitation
●Leadership Development
●Diversity and Inclusion
●Organizational Assessments
●Customer Service Excellence
●Curriculum Design and Editing
●Executive and Leadership Coaching
●Workforce and Succession planning  
●Data Research, Analysis and Reporting  
●Goals Setting and Alignment Strategies  
●Business Development and Entrepreneurship

VSC Consultant Information Form

If you would like to join a dynamic and exciting consultancy organization, please complete the Consulting Information Form, and send your bio and cover Letter to: for consideration and we will get back to you within 48 hours.

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“You must first envision the impossible before
you achieve the unbelievable—your mission is possible!”

— Dr. Valerie D. W. James, VSC, CEO