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Get to know VSC

VisionSpot Consulting Group, LLC (VSC) was founded in 1998, with a “Mission Possible” philosophy.  For over two decades, our award winning business solutions have helped create, transform, and accelerate the world's boldest businesses and leaders by teaching them how to work smarter, not harder.

“You must first envision the impossible before you achieve the unbelievable—your mission IS possible!”

— Dr. Valerie D. W. James,
President & CEO

VisionSpot Consulting Group, LLC

VisionSpot is not a traditional business and management consulting firm. We are the home of the Solutions Maximizing Brilliance (SMB) School of Leadership. Through our SMB School of Leadership, we equip business leaders with the necessary skills, resources, and strategies to build more sustainable businesses.  Our solutions align and enhance the functionality and precision of processes, employee productivity, and strategic execution to deliver quality outcomes for foreign and domestic companies.


Enhance the way leaders, individuals, and organizations work to improve performance, build capacity, and thrive worldwide.


Transform an ordinary business into an EXTRAORDINARY business!SM



The VisionSpot Advantage

Our Solutions Maximizing Brilliance (SMB) School of Leadership is a traveling institution that offers highly effective performance enhancement curriculums, tailor-made instructional programs, and instructor-led and eLearning courses with tools and training essentials for companies worldwide.

We differentiate on being “success partner” experts. You are more to us than just a project or client, so when you decide to work with us, we treat you like partners in success. We don’t just provide training and solutions for what to do, we help guide you through how to do it. We are always there for you and will serve as an extra pair of expert hands when critical projects require additional support.

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