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VisionSpot, founded in 1998, is a nationally recognized management consulting and training firm. Through our Solutions Maximizing Brilliance (SMB) School of Leadership, we help high-growth companies align their leadership, strategy, structure, and talent to scale, grow, and create great places to work.

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The SMB School of Leadership delivers real results and has saved clients six figure sums in costly compliance and legal expenses by increasing operational efficiency, employee retention, and workplace productivity.

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If you're a small business experiencing rapid expansion, The SMB School of Leadership is for you. We assist with sourcing experienced talent for your growing team, implementing policies and procedures to keep lawyers out of your pocket, empowering your staff through effective leadership training, and providing strategies to take you out of the day-to-day operations of the business.

VSC offers consulting services to maximize business efficiency

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The SMB School of Leadership focuses on four key areas of impact for your business: leadership effectiveness, strategy execution, operational structure, and talent management.

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We pride ourselves on delivering results with efficiency and excellence. Our diverse client base expands across industries (e.g. education, government, healthcare, and more), but the results are always the same. See for yourself!

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Delores Stubbs,
Business Owner, State Farm
“All about you! The C-Suite program is focused on developing the leader and business which is what I needed. The message is simple, yet innovative, and empowering. All of the concepts and ideas made a favorable impression.”
Tonya Haynes,
Chief Efficiency Officer
Phoenix Business Development Group
"Dr. Valerie is a dynamic coach and leader. She is great at engaging audiences in a participatory way maximizing their experience and results. In every facet of her work, she shows a genuine passion for leadership effectiveness, people development and inclusion of differing ideas, thoughts and values. She is a great person to work with."
Ozzie Lopez,
Director Workforce Development
AltaMed Health Services Corporation
If you are seeking a firm that will work tirelessly on your behalf to obtain the best possible results, I strongly and highly recommend VisionSpot. They not only provided us with strategies on the approach to engage stakeholders and obtain a necessary buy in, but also provided us with recommendations on the development of a lean and efficient project charter, and worked with us to develop and implement our project."

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Dr. Valerie D.W. James
President & CEO
Landon Tooke
Chief Compliance Officer
Dr. Gia Wiggins
Chief HR Officer
Lem Hollins 
Chief Operations Officer
Elios Valmonte
Ben Moned
Design Product
Maria Averon
Marketing Design
Marc Anthony


As our Founding Father Benjamin Franklin famously said, "Failing to plan is planning to fail." Work with us to ensure your business does not succumb to the pressures of expansion. We have more than 20 years of experience working with growing small businesses. Let us take the growing pains out of your growing business before it's too late.



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Our monthly Podcast is free and shares insights on effective leadership strategies and techniques for executive, mid-level, and frontline leaders.

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Our blog is released monthly and provides additional content related to our four focus areas: Leadership, Strategy, Structure, and Talent.


Our free assessments are meant to help you find (and plug) unforeseen holes in your business that are draining your capital, your productivity, and your resources.


Small business is big business, and our books are written for small business leaders who want to keep the business big and sustainable.