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The SPOT where VISIONS for the future are created, implemented, and Efficient for turning people, processes, and productivity obstacles into opportunities. We help companies create faster and better-quality outcomes, by aligning leadership, strategy, structure and talent to scale, grow and create great places to work since 1998.

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VisionSpot Enterprises delivers result driven solutions that impact your business where it counts - the bottom line. With the help of our Impact Infusion Success Partners, VisionSpot’s operations management consulting services have saved our clients millions by implementing workflow process improvements, HR policies, procedures and more diverse and data-driven solutions. In addition to improving leadership skills, processes, workplace productivity, regulatory compliance, and employee retention.

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 Feeling increased pressure to improve your operational performance to stay ahead of rising operational challenges and customer demands?  Let us help align the misalignment of your business growth and development! At VisionSpot, we help leaders shape and align  business strategy, internal processes, systems, and people resources to deliver consistent and quality outcomes, and customer experiences.

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The average organization forfeits over $1 million per year in lost productivity due to ineffective leadership, operational efficiency, and underutilized employee potential. Let's make your MISSION POSSIBLE by maximizing your brilliance with impact training designed for your industry. Our programs help you create a pathway to a stronger business model and more diverse workforce to achieve optimal results.

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We pride ourselves on delivering results with efficiency and excellence. Our diverse client base expands across industries (e.g. education, nonprofit, government, healthcare, and more), but the results are always the same. See for yourself!

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Delores Stubbs,
Business Owner, State Farm
“All about you! The C-Suite program is focused on developing the leader and business which is what I needed. The message is simple, yet innovative, and empowering. All of the concepts and ideas made a favorable impression.”
Tonya Haynes,
Chief Efficiency Officer
Phoenix Business Development Group
"Dr. Valerie is a dynamic coach and leader. She is great at engaging audiences in a participatory way maximizing their experience and results. In every facet of her work, she shows a genuine passion for leadership effectiveness, people development and inclusion of differing ideas, thoughts and values. She is a great person to work with."
Ozzie Lopez,
Director Workforce Development
AltaMed Health Services Corporation
If you are seeking a firm that will work tirelessly on your behalf to obtain the best possible results, I strongly and highly recommend VisionSpot. They not only provided us with strategies on the approach to engage stakeholders and obtain a necessary buy in, but also provided us with recommendations on the development of a lean and efficient project charter, and worked with us to develop and implement our project."